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#1 2004-07-09 23:49:24

Empty folders after backing up


After performing a backup, it appears that no files have been copied to the destination.


1. This can sometimes be due to a Finder updating issue, especially if Deja Vu is backing up to a server. (See 'Solution 1' below)

2. You are attempting a network backup, but you have neglected to check the 'Remote backup' option. (See 'Solution 2' below)


1. Log out and log back in again. If the files are still not there, then check Deja Vu's backup log for any errors.

How do I view the backup log?

2. Please verify that 'Remote backup' is checked in the appropriate place in the Options -> General tab. Be aware that there are four different subtabs to choose from there ('Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'Manual'), so make sure the option is checked in the correct tab for the type of backup you are doing.


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